• "I at first was very skeptical that a Chiropractor could help my headaches that I had been suffering with for 20 years, but after getting fed up I finally went to Dr. Thompson. He examined me and found that I had spinal problems with my neck that was creating these headaches. After just a few treatments I was already starting to feel tremendously better not just with headaches but the stiffness and stress as well.

    Thanks Dr. Thompson and staff of Health 360. I am now headache free and a true believer."
  • "I went to see Dr. Thompson because I had an awful pain going down my leg and the Doctors were wanting to do surgery. As a last chance effort I went to Health 360 and Dr. Thompson was able to restore the motion to the vertebrae of my low back and take the pressure off the nerve that had been so painful in the past.

    I can now mow my grass and play with my kids and have all of my mobility back without the risk of surgery.

    Thank you Dr. Thompson for all that you have done."
  • "Awesome doctor and massage therapist!! So happy to find them!"
  • "Just Awesome! Dr. Thompson is the best! Make an appointment Today"

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